あなたをつなげる場所 Bring you all together. あなたをつなげる場所

There is nothing certain if it is not connect to anything or anyone in this world.

Nowadays one device can help connecting to everyone in this world,

even if they actually exist or not.

However no matter how many virtual connections you get,

you know that you can't fill that emptiness.


But here, the connection is real.


Like,  the connections with surrounding local people, or our staff,

or the guests who arrive just the same day like you.

Once in a life time moment, everything's-just-right connection.


Like, the connections with all the cultures and traditions which you didn't know before,

and all that information and experience will become yours.


Like, the connections with family, friends, your beloved,

can get deeper and deeper.

All the things you were too shy to tell,

all the little things you might have been taking for granted,

can be found here.



Here, you can find the real happiness of being connected.


Nowadays is the time of 'experience' and 'connection' seeking.

We want you to cherish all the connections with people and culture that you meet on your journey.

And we think we can help.

With that in mind, along with high-quality accommodation experience,

the connections with new friends, new cultures, your family and loved ones,

Us - R-Hotels & Resorts will be happy to help you create and strengthen them.

Hope that connection will be important to each life,

We will continue to operate with steady growth and daily growth.

And from now on, we will become the leading company in the hotel industry and bring innovation to Japan and the travel industry.


Providing a unique high quality experience

Accommodation from R Hotels & Resorts Management is designed to maximize guest experience.

We design every single thing from concept, branding,

to design and operation.

Also, taking advantage of the fact of

having many group companies

Real Estate Trading, Rental,

Management, Design, Development,

Hotel Management, Private Accommodation Management

consistently proceeding with the project.

The total planning is the strength of

R Hotels & Resorts Management.



For investors and real estate owners who are considering

development and operation of accommodation facilities,

we will propose the best plan for you.

Feel free to contact us!